Lirik terjemahan dan arti makna lagu Saturn karya dari SZA

If there’s another universe Please make some noise (Noise) Give me a sign (Sign) This can’t be life If there’s a point to losing love Repeating pain (Why?) It’s all the same (Same) I hate this place…

SZA – Blind

Lirik terjemahan dan makna lagu Blind karya dari SZA

Niggas want me to get ratchet Niggas want me to attack it Put the hood on, now they callin’ me Cassius Raunchy like Bob Saget Greedy, I can’t pass it Eatin’ everything, nigga, no fasting…

SZA – Open Arms

Lirik terjemahan dan makna lagu Open Arms karya dari SZA

When you do your best you ca-, I done told you When you do your best, hell, that’s all you can do You and me and anybody else So they always start talkin’…